I'm Pia-Mari Jull, a Helsinki-based master goldsmith and experienced teacher in the field. Trained as an apprentice to a master level through traditional work experience, I now pass on my expertise by training future watchmakers and micro-mechanics, as well as organising evening and weekend hobby courses. As a teacher, I am positive and inspiring - I enjoy seeing my students achieve the joy of success.

Making things by hand has always been important to me. The key work-process for the preparation and creativity of a piece of jewellery is in its visual design. The development of working-techniques requires courage and open-mindedness as well as the experience, knowledge, and an art-craftsman’s professional pride. The result is an aesthetically and technically high-quality, durable, and finished piece of metal jewellery that brings the wearer joy for a long time. I follow the goldsmith master's ethical guidelines for my work.

In addition to working with precious metals, I also make pearl jewellery. Natural pearls of countless shades and organic shapes are fascinating and attractive and allow a variety of combinations. Pearl jewellery can be delicate and light, but it can also be showy, colourful and eye-catching - depending on the choice of pearls and other stones.

I have been involved in setting up the Leimat.fi website, where you can find information and images of Finnish precious metal and jewellery marks pre-1970.The research into old marks is ongoing, so the website is updated on a regular basis. Anyone can request information on Finnish marks by sending questions via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Sometimes questions and images provide valuable new information to support research, so all questions are warmly welcomed. 

Pia-Mari Jull