Hilla pendant
  • Hilla pendant
Hilla pendant

Hilla Pendant


Hilla jewellery lets you carry the beauty of Lapland with you.

The hilla flower, which in Finland blossoms in June, is white, about 2-3 cm in size, and usually displays 5-6 petals. The name of the plant varies from region to region, so that in Eastern Finland it is known traditionally as ‘lakka’ and ‘hilla’ in Northern Finland. In English it is commonly known as cloudberry. 

Our Hilla pendant enshrines the peaceful nature and beauty of Lapland. It is made from 925 sterling silver with gleaming gilded stamens. 

Because we understand that the choice of chain can be an individual thing, we offer the Hilla pendant with a 45cm sterling silver chain or with no chain to allow you to pair it with your own.

Hilla pendants are designed and handmade by a Finnish master goldsmith to the highest quality and are Finnish hallmarked.

Make sure you also check our shop for our matching Hilla earrings and Hilla ring.

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