Forget-me-not ring

Alloying gold produces many different colours. In this delicately beautiful ring, the delicious colour play of gold, the romantic style, and the sensual floral decorations take your thoughts back to Victorian times. Forget-me-not flowers communicate true love and fidelity. The petals of the flower are red gold, the side leaves are green gold, the stamens are fine gold, the ring band is white gold, and the ribbon binding the flowers around the ring is yellow gold.

I like to visit antique shops and fairs to find old jewellery. I study the marks (hallmarks), how the jewellery is made, and what feeling it evokes in me. The theme of the competition, Memories of the Past, immediately opened up ideas and inspired me to join the contest.

Choosing a flower theme was easy for me. Floral language, or floriography, was a particularly popular phenomenon in the 19th century. The flowers had a meaning and the bouquets were assembled according to the messages contained in the flowers. The flowers allowed me to use different shades of gold naturally in the making of the ring. 

Every flower is unique, with its petals and leaves being made by hand individually and florally engraved as the finishing touch. Different shades of gold have been obtained by mixing various metals in different proportions. Each ring is an individual, handcrafted work.

I already mentioned how flowers were used as a language of love by the Victorians. This love was extended into their jewellery with a wide variation of floral designs incorporating gems or playing with different coloured gold. Green gold was particularly utilised for leaves.

I brought these three things together—my love of old jewellery, the Victorian floral language, and the art of using coloured gold to express flowers—and this ring is the prize. The past has spoken: Forget-me-not.

- Pia-Mari Jull



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Vote for 'Forget-me-not' in the Most Beautiful Ring of the Year 2021 competition final

Finnish jewellery designers were inspired by the aesthetics of the past when they designed stunning rings for the Most Beautiful Ring of the Year 2021 competition. Choose your favourite by 31st October 2021 and you can win a Remington hair dryer and straightener.

Choose your favourite among the 10 finalist rings! All finalist rings represent Finnish jewellery design and goldsmith work. The theme of the Most Beautiful Ring of the Year 2021 competition “Memories of the Past” has inspired designers to seek inspiration from the formal languages of past decades and to respect the origin and continuity of Finnish jewellery skills. 


Extensive set of different rings

More than 80 rings took part in the pre-qualification of the Most Beautiful Ring of the Year competition. Numerically, but also in style, the rings presented a variety of different styles. In addition to quality, usability and aesthetics, the pre-jury evaluated the rings entered for the competition from the perspective of how the name and story support the design of the ring.

Piia Lehtinen (Design Museum), Co-operation Manager, Hanne Siekkinen, Senior Curator (Auction Helander), Henrik Kihlman (Finnish Goldsmiths' Association), Hanna Kinnunen (Radio Aito Iskelmä), Editor-in-Chief, Sari Yli-Salomäki Häät magazine and Hää and spokesperson Taira Sjöblom-Tallus (I love me, Messukeskus).

When evaluating the rings, the jury paid attention to their quality, originality and aesthetics. In addition, it was also considered how the story of the ring supports the formal language and how it embodies the given theme.

The Most Beautiful Ring of the Year competition is organized annually by the I Love Me fair and Häät-media. The competition is being held for the 14th time this year. The jewellers were allowed to enter their own rings for the contest during the spring of 2021. The winner will be chosen by the public in this vote ending on 31st October 2021, and the winner will be announced in November 2021.